2xSDR Pi

SDR using Raspberry Pi: Tracking airplanes above our heads – recieving ADS-B data with visualization using DVB-T dongle

  Note: There’s a newer version of this entry – updated with latest tests, much easier to install: https://blog.jokielowie.com/en/2017/01/sledzimy-samoloty-cz-2-ads-b-i-mlat-najtanszy-odbiornik-dla-flightaware-oraz-flightradar-24/. Last time I’ve shared with you the Raspberry Pi “computer for a buck”. Unless you’re are learning Python or playing Minecraft – or better – you’re already bored – I have a new thing fro you. It’s a very nice idea that you can use as your graduation or school project – and it’s all about tracking airplanes high in the sky. From hardware point – you will need a DVB-T/DAB USB dongle…

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RaspberryPI – best & cheapest computer out there for everybody

 There’s no doubt that non-profit organization behind http://www.raspberrypi.org/, the $25  computer (well let’s just say $35 + some xtras) had a huge success and is the next big thing for every computer enthusiast. Raspberry Pi is a full blown computer based on the ARM  architecture  that allows to run different sorts of operating systems. Today we have a choice of many Linux distributions, and the one to start and one to stay with is the Rasbian, based on another famous Linux distribution – the Debian. This little computer is designed…

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