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Light effect for any device with Video output based on raspbmc or OpenELEC and RaspberryPi

“Good news, everyone!”. If you succeeded in creating light effect using the previous entry:  https://blog.jokielowie.com/en/2014/02/efekt-swietlny-dla-media-playera-operatego-o-raspberty-pi/ you must’ve noticed that it’s limited to the content being played by raspbmc or OpenELEC. Luckily thanks to constant development by hyperion’s creator (tvdzwan) we’ve just got ability to use the effect with other devices that have video output the http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Composite_video. Usually modern STB, Blu-Ray player or amplituners sport a SCART output or the yellow colored ‘Video’ output. What is important – they allow both HDMI and Composite video outputs to…

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