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Atari ST/STE/Mega ST/STE – connecting to a VGA monitor in color mode

The Atari ST/STE/Mega ST/STE computers had dedicated monitors to support the graphics modes that were implemented by the engineers who left Commodore with Jack Tramiel in 1984: mono – black and white – 640×400 resolution, 35KHz horizontal frequency, 71Hz vertical frequency – which is available on most VGA monitors color – standard 16 colors from a palette of 512 (9-bit) or 4096 (12-bit) on the STE – resolution was 320×200, horizontal frequency 15KHz, vertical frequency 50 or 60Hz, which is a bit of a problem…

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RGB2HDMI boards

Atari ST / STE: hardware mod gives perfect HDMI picture thanks to the RGB2HDMI and Raspberry Pi Zero

RGB2HDMI for Atari ST/STE is a great project to add modern video to an old home computer. How old? Atari ST is almost 40 years old (today: 37), based on a 16 /32 bit MC68000 processor with 8MHz clock and a maximum of whole 4MB RAM. Nowadays, almost every new micro-controller is much faster and more capable, but this is not what makes it iteresting – that would be the nostalgia. Thanks to this “noSTalgia”, new versions of games are still created today – i.e., …

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