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Update 2017-08-22 – Sharing data with friendly radars

A lot has changed since the last entry about tracking the aircraft using ADS-B messages. There are new options for data sharing, greatly simplified installation procedure and – optionally new equipment. This allows you to build a new receiver with an emphasis on simplicity, yet lower cost of purchase and maintenance with new feature (MLAT). Moreover, in addition to the aircraft you can now track other aircraft – i.e. meteorological balloons! I call that progress!

This time I’m going to connect to our Raspberry Pi a GSM module. Why? Internet of Things, in short IoT, as it was noted at Krakow’s PLNOG17 by Marcin Aronowski involves and depends on the network which should be easily accessible, and the very essence of IoT is the energy efficiency. Perhaps, he said, 3G will go away but 2G but will still remain. And we do not huge pipes – just enough bandwidth. 2G connection is still the cheapest in the implementation (also due to the cost of the module and a SIM card).

Therefore, I will try to show you how easy it is to connect very cheap GSM module Neoway M590 . It is a simple device that is a GSM modem (2G).

We will learn how to send an SMS and how to connect to the Internet.

We return today to the simple and quick solutions! The weather station or irrigation/sprinkler system – can’t operate without proper detection of rain, water or even snow. Let’s use the FC-37 sensor (also know as YL-38 or MH-RD, or just similar to the picture below)

W poprzednim wpisie podłączyliśmy wyświetlacz OLED typu SSD1306 do Raspberry Pi. Twórca ESP Easy – Richard ten Klooster ( – rozwija projekt pozwalając na uzupełnianie bezprzewodowego czujnika o nowe elementy. Dziś w bardzo prosty sposób uzupełnimy nasz czujnik o wyświetlacz oraz miernik natężenia światła. Nasza stacja „kontroli” pogody dostanie zdalny wyświetlacz.

Update: 30.07.2017 – as of now – latest stable domoticz version supports BME280, so this is now obsolete! The Hardware menu has now I2C Sensors and BME280 is present in submenu]
This is a modification of:, which after you...

Temperature readout is one of the first sensor we add to domoticz. It’s a very simple task and allows to connect multiple thermometers via the 1-wire bus. 1-wire means that thermometer has a single data wire, on top of VCC and GND. This wire is used to send back data to 1-wire controller and then it gets verified.

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